Tuff Marine Products Ltd.


30' x 60' pile driver construction barge
  • 35 Tonne American Crawler Crane
  complete with 70’ boom
  • 50’ pile driver leads complete with
  4,400 lb hammer and followers for steel or                         wood piles up to 24” diameter

Our construction barge is equipped with three
deck winches capable of generating 15 tonne
line pull in any direction and each have a drum capacity
of 1,200 feet of 1” line. One winch is equipped with
1,200 lb anchor.
Ocean Fisheries, Prince Rupert, BC


34’ steel tug/work boat, 365 hp complete with 12’ x 14’ clear deck cargo space and a 9,000 litre double lined internal tank.  Our Vessel has lifting capabilities of 2,000 lbs and can carry up to 10,000 lbs of freight and/or equipment. If needed, "The Northern Way" can operate in only 4 ft of water.

Dodge Cove, BC
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  • 14' Aluminum work skiff with 30hp outboard
  • 1 yard clam bucket
  • 16" & 18" diameter rock churns
  • 1.5" to 3" portable pumps, suction and discharge hoses, sand pipes and filters
  • 200' donut style pollution boom, oil absorbtion pads
  • Portable bubble and silt curtains
  • Welder, cutting tools, hand tools, certified man basket, drills, generators, saws, etc.